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What makes KareBot Telemedicine so special?

  • Team Medicine

    Team-based health care consists of an interdisciplinary group of health care providers and patient care companions collaborating to deliver health care to patients and relies on all professionals in the team. Depending on the specific patient needs, a team-based approach can include various combinations of physicians, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, social workers, case managers, care coordinators and other health care professionals. The unique strengths and perspectives of each provider are an asset when providing the safest, best possible care to patients.

    Patient-Focused Care
    • Focus the team on patient- and family-centered care
    • Collaborate with team members to provide quality patient care
    • Identify to patients the roles and responsibilities of team members
    • Manage efficient, effective and transparent care transitions by the   team
    • Support open communication among the patient, family and team   members



    Secure Document Exchange

    All healthcare organizations must adhere to the HIPAA Omnibus Privacy and Security Rules. KareBot not only meets these requirements, but extends advanced rules and privileges for viewing, printing, copying, and downloading for each individual document. In addition, a document can be partially redacted for one viewer, shown in it’s entirety for another, or not shown at all to yet another conference participant.

    These same flexible document control tools can be used on printing, saving, copying, or downloading, matching the document’s security to user privileges. KareBot provides your organization with the administrative, physical and technical safeguards to optimize healthcare document compliance and sharing, meet government regulations and ensure privacy rules can be enforced.
  • Easily create new practice protocols

    In the rapidly changing HealthCare environment, Physicians and Care Organizations must evolve and comply with new regulatory needs. A Physician’s expertise can be used in new opportunities in telehealth services. Opportunities that can drive additional revenue and, increase Patient care and satisfaction.

    KareBot Telemedicine makes it possible to provide focused services to multiple Patient population groups. Services that are tailored to the Patient's need. It's an easy way to add additional revenue, as well as enter into the telehealth services industry. A Win-Win for the Patient and Physician.

    Introducing:The MedCommunicator

    Secured Visual Collaborative Communications for Hospitals, Physicians & Patients.

    A simple deployment solution (Virtual File).
    No Hardware needed. No program to install,
    Just a simple click on an icon and sign in to the system.
    A secured online collaborative communication platform.
    Easy to use interface. Yes, user friendly!

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